Jockey Courses

NRC offers a range of courses for professional jockeys and amateur riders, including the BHA required licence courses as well as training and development courses.

Apprentice Licence Course

Apprentice Jockeys’ Licence Course for new Apprentice Jockeys will be held at the Northern Racing College.  Applicants must be employed full-time by a licensed racehorse trainer.

Conditional Licence Course and Amateur Rider Category B Permit

The Conditional Licence and Amateur Category ‘B’ Course is combined. The course is open to any rider wishing to take out a Category ‘B’ permit subject to the existing pre-qualifying conditions and for potential Conditional Jockeys.

Amateur Rider Category A Course

here are two elements involved in applying for a Category A Amateur Riders Permit. Applicants are required to attend a Amateur Riders Training Seminar and also an Assessment day when they are appraised before being granted a permit.

Amateur Riders Development Course

The Amateur Rider Development Course has been designed after consultation with the Amateur Jockey’s Association (AJA), and is aimed at riders currently holding their Category A Licence who would like to progress in the sport.

Point to Point Pre Season Training

The Point-to-Point Pre Season training comprises of a half-day tuition delivered by the NRC’s jumping consultant on participant’s own horses.

Point to Point Owners and Riders Seminar

The Point-to-Point Owners’ and Riders’ Association (PPORA) Seminar is an annual event designed to provide riders wishing to compete in Point-to-Point races with a greater understanding of the principles of jumping, riding at speed and the rules of racing.

Remedial Training

This one-day course involves referral and voluntary training in the use of the whip within the British Horseracing Authority rules and guidelines. Instruction is delivered on our equisizors with detailed video analysis.

Simulator Tuition

Private simulator tuition sessions with jockey coaches can be booked.